1. Clever or skillful in using the hands or mind.
2. Quick in thought or reaction

Adroit Logistics is an emerging clearing and forwarding company that provides customs clearance and freight forwarding solutions to select clientele. We prepare and check all pre-alerts, ensure that the right customs charges and taxes are levied, arrange for insurance, source for the most competitive transport rates and, where necessary, organize for storage.

Our services encompass air, sea and land logistics booking cargo with shipping lines, airlines, rail and road carriers to ensure goods arrive at their destinations on time and in good condition.

In all our operations, Adroit Logistics strives to maintain the highest standards of accepted business practices in our quest to provide quality and reliable services to our clients.

Our mission is the provision of pertinent and timely information on customs clearing and freight forwarding. With an in depth understanding of industry practices, our vision is to be the go-to freight problem solvers.

At Adroit Logistics, we espouse integrity as a culture by providing professional and honest services that are open for audits; we also value transparency in every stage of the service process we provide.

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